Fin type air cooled condenser(Two Holes)

Fin type air cooled condenser(Two Holes)

The number of motor fans can be customized, we will help you to make condenser quotes according to your company's drawings.

1. The heat dissipating fins are made of high-purity aluminum foil and are punched by high-precision equipment.

2. the contact surface is large, enhance the fin strength and air turbulence effect.

3. The copper tube adopts high-purity seamless copper tube, which has long service life and is not easy to crack and corrode.

4. The internal circuit of the coil is required according to the design flow rate. It adopts single and double reflux systems, with small water resistance and good heat exchange performance.

5. The condenser refrigerant coil is heated by vacuum drying at high temperature to ensure that there is no impurity water in the chamber.

6. the condenser coil outer end plate is made of high quality steel plate, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy assembly

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