Fin type air cooled condenser(Four Holes)

Fin type air cooled condenser(Four Holes)

Our corrugated chip condenser strict quality control: stamping air tightness inspection, moisture and oxide skin cleanliness control, all pre-existing pressure and nitrogen treatment, all products are in line with G/BT7659.3-1995 standard

1. Sheet metal: The flat plate condenser adopts high-quality cold-rolled plate, galvanized plate or embossed aluminum plate.

2. All the sheet metal parts are treated by high-temperature spray treatment inside and outside, so the inside and corner of the plate can be effectively protected against rust and corrosion.

3. The outer casing and frame are thick enough to ensure product stability. Stainless steel casings and frames can also be machined as needed. The hydraulic pressure of the panel is treated to increase the strength and make it more beautiful.

Application: This product should be used in cold storage, commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, supermarket, high and low temperature laboratory, ice machine and quick freezing tunnel in various environments and industries.

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