V-type condenser with single piece

V-type condenser with single piece

Can produce three-fan, four-fan, five-fan and other non-standard V-type condensers

V-type condenser heat exchange area from 80m2~600m2, large windward surface, compact structure, good heat exchange effect, high-efficiency heat exchanger copper tube, corrosion-resistant clear water film fin, can be matched with larger condensing unit and condenser requirements Used in units where the compressor is installed separately

1. The V-type condenser heat-dissipating fins are made of high-purity aluminum foil and are punched by high-precision equipment.

2. The V-type condenser has a large contact surface to enhance the fin strength and air spoiler effect.

3. The V-type condenser copper tube adopts high-purity seamless copper tube, which has long service life and is not easy to be cracked and corroded.

4. the best heat transfer effect of the V-type condenser

5. The inner loop of the V-type condenser coil is required according to the design flow rate. It adopts single and double reflux systems, with small water resistance and good heat exchange performance.

6. The V-type condenser refrigerant coil is heated by vacuum drying at a high temperature to ensure that there is no impurity in the chamber.

7. The end plate of the V-type condenser coil is made of high-quality steel plate, which has high strength, corrosion resistance and easy assembly.

Model Nominal Capacity (kw) Area M2 Fan motor Inlet mm Outlet mm Weight kg Dimension
Qty Power ( w) Air flow m3/h Dia. mm Voltage (v) L mm D mm H mm
XMV160 47.2 160 2 550*2 9000*2 600 380 32 25 183 1750 990 860
XMV200 59.0 200 3 750*2 12000*2 650 380 32 25 229 2000 1030 900
XMV260 76.7 260 3 550*3 9000*3 600 380 32 28 298 2380 1075 950
XMV300 88.5 300 4 750*3 12000*3 650 380 32 28 344 2575 1120 995

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